The following are the terms and conditions for GPAT TEST ONLINE portal. By submitting our online registration form for online test series you are accepting to the following terms and conditions.

GTO - Developer and Exper Co-ordinators, User - the student, service user, website visitor.

  1. GTO has every right to change/delete/add the content on the portal without any announcement. User/student is limited to the content and exams provided by the portal.
  2. GTO can suspend an users account without notice.
  3. User is required to provide correct information at the time of registration. If GTO feels that the information is incorrect, the users account may be disabled.
  4. User is not allowed to give his/her user access details (user name/password) to anyone. After accessing the portal, the user is recommended to logout properly by clicking logout button.
  5. Once the registration is completed user cannot change his/her email address.
  6. GTO has right to use result of the successful candidates for its business promotions.
  7. The services offered by GTO to the applicants are valid for the current academic year only or valid till the end of test series. Its the responsisbility of the User/Student to check the pattern and syllabus on official GPAT website.
  8. GTO has the right to display user photo and information in Hall of Fame Section of this webiste.

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